Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Ok so we are having it at my house this year! Yeah! We are going to start the game at 11:00 here and then when we are done with the game we will eat. JM has to work that day but he doesn't have to be there till 4:30 so as long as we eat and play the game before then we will have him and Ash and G. YEAH! So what is everyone going to bring again. We will have a movie upstairs for the kids and grownups too. So we can play other games or whatever. So I can't wait it's going to be alot of fun. Let me know what everyone is planing on bring.

Monday, November 10, 2008

General Ickyness

Well it all started Friday night... we noticed her trying to go potty on our rug in the bathroom. Didn't think anything really of it she has done that before. Then Saturday morning caught her doing the same thing on my dirty clothes, so I swatted her bum she ran away crying... So lil hubby took her to the litter box. Noticed it needed to be cleaned so he did that, and put her in. In case you were wondering who I am talking about it is my Baby Girl! So lil hubby was watching her and she wasn't going potty just sitting there. So he called the vet, left a message and so I went to work and left him with our lil girl. So when I got to work lil hubby called and said the vet called him and told him to bring her on in. So when he got there they told him they were full for the day but we would have to leave her and they would get to her when they could. So they ended up calling and saying she didn't have anything in her bladder so she couldn't get a urine sample, so she would have to stay over night. So Sunday we got a call from the vet again saying they finally got a urine sample but it had crystals in it, which could mean she might have stones but they wouldn't know that unless they do a x-ray but they need our consent to sedate her so they could do the x-ray. So we called the vet and said that it would be ok but she wanted to know if they found stones would we want to do surgery it would cost about $300-$500. They wouldn't do anything until Monday but still needed to know if that is what we were wanting to do. If they already had her sedated then they would go in and do the surgery right away. So I told her I would let her know on Monday. Lil hubby and I talked about it and decided if she needed it we would pay for it. What else could we do for her. So this morning I called and told them we would do the surgery if needed, but to call us and let us know what they find before they do the surgery. So lil hubby calls me about 10:30 and says she is ok. She didn't have stones just a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) I know in cats that is so weired! They told us that we could come pick her up when we wanted to. So $212 later we have our baby home and she is having to put them both on a special diet. We also have to give her antibiotics every day for two weeks I hope that goes ok we shall see tomorrow. We also have to put both on a special food I hope they don't have to stay on it but we shall see. So that was our weekend. It was a lot of fun. I am just glad we didn't have to do surgery.