Thursday, June 19, 2008


Ok so I know it's been a while since I wrote anything. I have been busy at work. I know that's not a good excuse but I have been doing more Retail stuff. I have been helping my boss out more. I have opened up 3 count it 3 Safe Deposit Boxes. They are not that easy either especially when you have a mean customer standing in front of you! I have also opened up 4 or so new accounts. I am absolutely loving it. I just wish I had my own desk so I don't have to open the accounts at my station where everyone can see! That is coming soon.

In other news my lil hubby is getting a new job! I am so excited he is going to have a real schedule he will come home at a decent hour we will get to start walking at night together and have a real life! I just hope he decides to take it. He says it doesn't pay enough but it pays very well just not what he deserves Go figure.

We had Father's Day at our house on Sunday. I had lunch for my father in law, I made Ham and Pink Stuff and my sister in law brought Sweet Potatoes and crescents rolls. It was really good. My first Ham and I didn't mess it up! Then we had dinner for my family! We had Turkey burgers and Hot Dogs for the kids. Lil Hubby smoked everything and he did a very good job. Amanda brought baked potatoes, JM brought homemade hot sauce and peach cobbler. ~e brought a yummy salad. It was so crazy I am very glad we have the stained concert we had someone who spilled there drink and then some how mustard got on the floor and someone was walking in it. It was a very good clean up!

Well it is bed time.... Till next time!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Book Tag


1. Grab the book closest to you(has to be at least 123pgs.)

2. Turn to page 123

3. Find the 5th sentence

4. Post the sentence on your blog

5. Tag five people

Ok my book is The Choice by Nicholas Sparks.

The 5th sentence is When they shouted, "Do it again, Uncle Travis!"

That's all for now. I got my bed together so I will try to get pictures posted soon.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hello Blogging World

So I finally got talked into getting a blog!

We had a baby shower for my JM and Ashley today and ~e had a wonderful idea for me to make a Diaper Cake. So I went over to her house on Friday and made it. It turned out really cute.

The Oldest and Middle Boy kept asking us when we were going to bake the cake! It was very cute. My lil hubby picked out the cutest onesie for them that said Sleep if for the Weak. It was so cute he brought over one that was a preemie and he asked if they were going to need a preemie and I said probably not. Well he brought two back over and asked me which one would be the best. I was on the phone with ~e at the time and I told her about the two onesie my lil hubby brought over and he said these aren't onesie they are 3-6 months. He didn't know they were all called onesie. It was very cute how clueless he is when it comes to kids stuff. He is going to be the best daddy when the time comes!

So we just bought our first lil house! We have been working so hard on getting our house the way we want it. My lil hubby has been working non stop for a whole month and I think we finally have it done! I will try to get before and after pictures posted soon.

Now you will have to forgive me since I am very new at this.