Monday, September 22, 2008

Comic Me!

So I saw D's and K's pictures and decided I wanted to do it also. I think I look pretty cute if I do say so my self. What do you think?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I just have to brag......

So work has been very crazy lately! We had a teller decide to go to another location but it was a good thing because she was kind of hard to work with. She was very hard to read and she would joke around but you just didn't know when it was a joke or if it was real. She didn't really want to learn from me at all. She would rather mess up than have me show her anything and I was supposed to train people on things. Also she didn't like the fact that I was doing retail stuff either. But she decided to go work in Van Alstyne which was a very good thing. So we got on the ball looking for someone. We found the perfect person. When Hope (my boss) called him and asked him if he wold like to come in and interview he said yeah I will be right there. So after she talked to him and everything she knew he was the best person for us. We were ready to get a guy in there also too many women and too much drama! So we were lucky enough to get to hire him. He lives in Van Alstyne and is an Art Major. The only days he can't work is Tuesday and he has to come in late on Thursday but every other day he can be in by 10 and he had no problem working every Saturday! He has two years at Chase bank in Sherman so it was destiny. So her last day was last Friday and his first day was Monday. We had him shadow me and another teller to show him our system, and that night he told Hope he was ready to be in his own drawer on Wednesday! So were happy to say the least! So he is doing very well. So back to my original story it has been a crazy week with him starting and everything else going on. Hope had to leave early today and she was going to be off so we had to figure out some scheduling issues this morning. So we decided since she had to leave early today I would stay till 4:30 and then I had to leave because I had an eye appointment I had to get to. And then tomorrow I was going to leave early but we didn't have enough people to close so I am going to work all day. So after we got that all fixed she went back to her office and a little bit later I get an email from her asking me to do something for her and then at the end of it she writes this.


I want to tell you how much I appreciate you! I am so lucky to have you! I can promise you that your dedication and support for me does not go unnoticed. You have come a long way and I will guarantee you that you will be rewarded in time (near future). You have to trust me...I know you have taken on a lot more responsibility, but as with anything we have to see you up hold this. You are a true team player and I know you will succeed as long as you keep going down the same path you are now! I know I don't tell you often enough how much I appreciate you, but I do!!!!!

I was so excited I know she appreciates everything I do for her but it's still nice to hear it. So let me finish the rest of my day. So a customer comes in the drive thru and cashes some checks but also wants to know who can renew a CD so I tell the teller I can and Hope and the other Retail person in our branch can, so she tells her that and she said she would call in a few min to get that taken care of. Well I had done a renewal the other day for her and had some paperwork for her to sign. So we had her come to the commercial lane and take care of it. So she leaves little did we know she didn't take her money out of the tube, till we had a customer go to that lane and tell us that someone forgot there money. So we knew exactly who's it was so we called her and left her a message. When she called back I told her we had it and she could come pick it up. Well she said I am in Sherman and I don't know if I will be back in time to pick it up and I really need this money. So I said I have a eye doctor appointment in Sherman where are you going to be I will take it to you where will you be. So it was decided that I would call her when I left work and find out where to meet. So I hang up and go about my business. I ended up leaving late. So I called the customer and figured out where to meet. So I called my eye doctor to let them know I would be a little late. They asked how late and if it was going to be after 5:15 it wouldn't give the doctor enough time to get everything done before we close at 6:00 so I said ok well go ahead and cancel this appointment and I will just make another one for next week. So when I meet up with the customer she was very appreciated that I took my time to do all of this for her. She asked me when I was going to be running the bank! Of course I didn't tell her that I missed my appointment but it was still nice to be able to help someone out. So that was my day and my bragging rights are over. Hope everyone else had a wonderful day! Till next time!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The thing your parents never taught you......

I hope that after this post you will have learned something from me and you won't make the same mistake I made! So I learned yesterday that it's not a good thing to put plastic in your eyes! It scratches your eye and then you can't see very well. Then when you go the the doctors office they decide to dilate your eyes. It feels like your eye is going to pop out of your eye! I know I know what you are saying to yourself. Why did she put plastic in her eye to find out it's not a good thing. Well I didn't do it on purpose. I was washing my hair and I closed my shampoo bottle and something flew into my eye. I tried to get it out but I couldn't then by the time I got to work I could tell I couldn't see out of my eye very well. Lucky I was able to get an appointment in the same day! So as I was telling mom that she said she was sorry she never taught me not to put plastic in my eyes. It was a very small piece but never the less it did scratch my eye. I am ok so don't worry about me. So just everyone be careful around anything plastic especially if it's flying thru the air!!!!