Monday, April 26, 2010

Bluebonnets 2010

So we went to have bluebonnet pictures done on Saturday. I think they turned out very well if I do say so myself. It helps that we had a good photographer! Thanks mom you did a wonderful job!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Pregnant Belly Pictures

We had pregnant belly pictures taken the other day! It is getting closer to the day lil A will be here! We are getting a lot closer and we are almost ready for her to get here!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


This post is long over due. When we went to our doctor appointment on Sept 7th we found out we had lost two of the babies. We still had one baby and the lil peanut was doing great! It was a big shock I still don't understand it all and why it happened but I know the lord has a plan for us and he is watching over us. We know that we will have the other two at another time. So we just went to the doctor again this last Wednesday and they said everything is going good. The baby's heartbeat was 163, and I am progressing the way I need to be. We get to go in on Wednesday the 21st for another sonogram and hopefully find out what this lil peanut is!! I am thinking it is a girl but we shall wait and see. I will post pictures as soon as we get them.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yes you are reading the title right! We are having Triplets!! I still can't believe it! So we have A Pair and a Spare (Identical Twins and a Fraternal one) I just found out on Monday. So I was going to update my Birthday wish. I have some books that I need to get they are....

Mothering Multiples by Karen Kerkhoff Gromada

Having Twins and More by Elizabeth Noble

When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads by Barbara Luke

I am wanting to go on Saturday and get them all but I need to wait my sisters say. So I thought I would put this out there. Still in shock and I will defiantly keep everyone updated. I hope everyone can see the picture!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Birthday ideas!!!

Ok so my birthday is coming up soon!! So everyone keeps asking me what I want so I decided to do what everyone else has done and post on my blog what I want. So ~e called me the other day and said you know what movie I haven't seen in awhile Far and Away! I said yeah I love that movie but I don't have it and we were really wanting to watch it. We tried to rent it but they didn't have it at all. So I decided my birthday is coming up soon so I should ask for that so I went on Amazon and found one. So I am not very good at this thing where you copy the picture and make it a link so just go to Amazon and find it. Another thing I would like is at Wal-Mart DVD: Nicholas Sparks Film Collection! It has 4 movies I love! Hmm yeah I think that is all. Oh well I do need some baby books if anyone wants to get some for me. We are going to have my birthday dinner on the 23 at mom's! We are going to have Egg Rolls, and Chocholate cake with chocholate icing. I am so excited I haven't had homeaide Egg Rolls since my last birthday! It will be good! Hope to see you all there!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I just found out....

That we will be adding to your lil family!!! I am so excited. I took a pregnancy test on Saturday and it came back positive and I didn't believe it so on Sunday morning I took another one again it was positive. I was thinking to my self is this really finally happening! So Monday morning I call my doctors office and set up an appointment to have them confirm it for me. So they said yes you are pregnant and you are about 5 weeks! So I am going to be due in April. So we need to get a poll started now. What does everyone think I am going to have! I think it is going to be a girl but that is my opinion. I know that April will be here in no time and I can't wait! Just let me know what everyone thinks!

Friday, June 19, 2009

TGIF & Vacation!

Ok first off I am going to brag a little bit!!! We have 42 State's and we have a Mexico and two different Canada's!! Go us Go us!

So today at work I was talking with my boss about growing up and we started talking about shows we used to watch. She is only a couple of years older than I am so we would have watched the same shows. So we start talking about TGIF Friday night shows! You know the ones that came on after Wheel of Fortune on Friday night! So we were trying to figure out what shows came on. I remembered Just the Ten of US! Does any one else remember that show! I do they had 8 kids we used to watch it and relate to it! The other shows were Perfect Strangers, Step By Step, Family Matters, Full House! It brings back fond memories! Also I remember watching Disney movies on Sunday after America's Funnies Home Videos! But the one show I remember the most and so does my boss it was the greatest show!! It was drum roll please!! Zoobilee Zoo! For those of you that don't remember it I have found the Theme song on You Tube!

You can actually watch the full shows also! We also came up with Ghostwriter, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Wishbone. So does anyone else remember any of these shows? Or am I just going very crazy!

So we did get to go on vacation! We went to Port Aransas it was fun but I am tried of going there. We have done everything that you can do there. The Crabbing was not very good at all. We barely caught anything. I had a good time. I got to sleep in a little and just watch TV. Lil Hubby and I went for a walk on the Beach on Saturday and I didn't think about sunscreen! yeah I got a nice tan! After my burn wears off it will be very pretty! I am just now starting to peel. We went into Corpus on Sunday we were planning on Antiquing but nothing was opened. So we went and saw Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian. It was cute but it also had it dumb parts. We had a lot of fun but I was glad to get home.