Thursday, August 21, 2008

California here comes my lil hubby!!

Yes that is right you read it right. My lil hubby is going to California for a month!!! He will be leaving on Monday the day after my birthday and won't be back till the end of September right before we leave for Africa! So I will have to get everything ready for that trip by myself!! I am so not ready for this I can't be without him for a month! He is taking his sister so I hope everything goes well for him but we shall see. So we are rushing around right now trying to get everything done before he leaves. In other news I had training for the past three days in Denison I am done thank goodness. It was about selling our products to the customer and I just hope I pass. I am sure I will but you never know. Next week is going to be pretty hard since he is leaving and then we are going to be short handed as it is. One teller is on vacation all next week, another teller is in training for two days and then the part timer is starting back to school and her hours are kind of crazy! Pulse we are having to keep track of everything we do for the day. So it will be very interesting! I guess that is all I have for now. Till next time!

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Al said...

So why is he going to Cali? What's Sam got to do there, and why a month!? You gotta give us more info than that!