Thursday, September 11, 2008

The thing your parents never taught you......

I hope that after this post you will have learned something from me and you won't make the same mistake I made! So I learned yesterday that it's not a good thing to put plastic in your eyes! It scratches your eye and then you can't see very well. Then when you go the the doctors office they decide to dilate your eyes. It feels like your eye is going to pop out of your eye! I know I know what you are saying to yourself. Why did she put plastic in her eye to find out it's not a good thing. Well I didn't do it on purpose. I was washing my hair and I closed my shampoo bottle and something flew into my eye. I tried to get it out but I couldn't then by the time I got to work I could tell I couldn't see out of my eye very well. Lucky I was able to get an appointment in the same day! So as I was telling mom that she said she was sorry she never taught me not to put plastic in my eyes. It was a very small piece but never the less it did scratch my eye. I am ok so don't worry about me. So just everyone be careful around anything plastic especially if it's flying thru the air!!!!


~e said...

Oh my! You've had a week! First swimmer's ear... now a scratched cornea (?).... BE CAREFUL!!!

And thanks for the warning. :)

Al said...

That's wonderful advice, I'll have to try and not forget something so important! :P

I'm glad you're ok though!