Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Were Home!!

We made it home finally! After 19 hours on a plane. I never want to be on a plane again! I am so glad to be home. It was a great trip though. I can't wait to share with everyone my trip but I am not putting anything on here till after Sunday. I hope I will be able to put pictures on here. So we have church on Sunday at 10:00 in Plano. We will be leaving my house at 9:30 if you would like to go and follow us. After we get done at church we will come back to our house and eat. So Cammeron we may be having dinner at my house what time are you coming in? I hope to see everyone soon!

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Dad said...

Interesting title. Does it mean you have left again? (Did you mean you were home, or we are home?) Of course I know that you are home from Africa, and I am glad you had a great trip.