Thursday, July 3, 2008

Long Long Week

SO it has been a very long week. I have been very busy. Last Friday I had a bachelorette party Friday after I got off work. We went to Dave and Busters to eat and play games. We stayed there till 9 or so then went back to Whitesboro. We went back to one of the girls parents house and stayed in there pool house. We played games and hung out and then they started playing Guitar Hero and I didn't get into bed till AM!!! Then we woke up at 8 AM and didn't go to bed that night till after 11 PM then got up at 8 AM to get ready for church and I taught the Toddlers that day. So that started my whole week. Being very tired!

Monday I got to work 7:45-4:45 not too bad it was busy and I did a wire for a customer that needed to go to New Zealand which needed to be sent in New Zealand currency. I called the wire desk and asked if that was possible and she said yes. She told me to get approval for the wire which I have to do if it's over a certain amount. So I did all that got the customer to sign and thought everything was good. More to come!!! Got a call from The Oldest (aka ~e's oldest boy) and asked me if I wanted to go for a walk at 7 O'Clock I said yes I would love to.
So I had to go to McKinney to drop off a my dress for the wedding I am in next Saturday to get fixed then went and got dinner and went home ate and changed clothes and with lil hubby in tow we went for a walk. It was great! Except for when The Middle boy fell off his bike right after we left and scraped his elbow. It wasn't bad at all but he thought it was... He cried the whole time until the very end when we decided to race home and they beat us!!! Then he was like it's not bad....

Tuesday I got to sleep in I didn't have to be at work till 9:15 yeah right wrong!!! I got there and I had several things wrong.. I had cashed a check that didn't have a routing number or account number on the bottom of the check so I had to call
the customer and let them know they either needed to bring me the money back or I would take it out of there account. She said I didn't know you needed all that on the check. So they said to take it out of there account. Ok first problem solved. Then I had a call from the Wire Desk... Oh great I called and they said I am sorry I was wrong we can't send money in New Zealand currency it has to go out in American money. So she said she went out and found a currency exchange and wanted to know if we could just use that. So I had to call the customer and ask. I said would you like to call the customer who the wire is going to and find out how much to send then. And she said no just send what you are saying. So I call the Wire Desk back and tell them that. Second Problem solved. (So I thought....) There was other things that went on that day but I can't remember. I went home and walked again with ~e and her boys, it was time for The Oldest to have a melt down. During that day I got a call from my sister in law saying I am in a wedding on Saturday and I need help with some stuff. And she was supposed to come by and smell some smells for a candle wormer I was going to get for her. So she was going to come by that night. She ended up calling at 10 saying she wasn't going to come over that night. No problem. So I went to bed..

Wednesday I got to work and everything was going to be good.... Until I I checked my account I had sent out a check to my mortgage company who payed my Home Owners Insurance even though we paid at closing but they didn't realize that... So we had gotten a refund from our Insurance for the full amount.
So I finally go someone and they said just send the check and write a note and say please apply to my Escrow account so I won't be short and the end of the year. Well I went on to my online account and guess what... I was behind a PENNY!!!! I was like I know I paid the correct amount.... Then I was looking and my Escrow account didn't look right either. So I asked our In house Home mortgage person and she said I would call them... So I got on the phone and called them right away. I got someone and she told me that the check I just sent them didn't go to my Escrow account it went to my principal or something like that. So she also said my payment went up a Penny I have no clue as to why it just did!! So next time I get to pay a penny more than what the payment says. Everything was going pretty good or so I thought. My boss left early because she needed to go get her nails did no biggie I can handle it. So everything was going good and then my wire customer came in... I said hi how are you and she said not good. I think we sent too much money. She said can you explain to me how you came up with that figure. So I said let me call the wire desk while I was doing that the other girls got a phone call and one of them yelled for my boss well she had just left. So she went back there and was talking to the her two girls kind of loudly and I know my customer was hearing everything...... So when I told the wire person that our customer thought we sent too much she said oh yeah I think we did. So I said what is the next step. It is to retract the wire and we are at the mercy of the other bank to send it back and it could take up to a week. I apologized the the customer and she said it's not your fault the wire desk should know all of this. She also said "My husband is not going to be happy." So after I left work I had to go home so I could go with my sister in law make bows and go to the church to see how we can decorate it. So we actually made 8 bows and they looked really good. What do you think?? I think I did a good job considering I have only watched my mom do this. Go me!!! So we got back from the church about 9:30 so I talked to my lil hubby for a lil bit and then went to bed.

Thursday it seemed like Friday all day long but I am glad to have tomorrow off even though I have to go to the church with my sister in law. So I get to work this morning and it was good. Not bad at all till my wire customer comes in with her husband!! Then they go in with my boss who is over the whole bank! Let me tell you I was worried. I went to talk to my other boss and she told me not to worry about it. Well they were in there talking about the wire. They were not happy. My head honcho boss said I didn't do anything wrong. But we had to bring in the Boss who is over all the Texas branches. We ended up sending almost $4,000.00 when it should have been close to $1,600. So we refunded the first wire and the fee and we are resending the wire for the right amount. We are just at the mercy of the New Zealand bank for us to get our money back! If not then corporate will eat it. Since it was a wire desk mistake!!! Which is good I just hate that this happened. I didn't do anything wrong!! Then we had another customer come in who is a partner no not gay partner! But Business partner comes in wanting to know what's going on with there account because the other partner doesn't let him know what's going on. So he took all the money out and wanted the statements. So we gave it to him and he was wanting to know about a transfer that was done the day before. So we start looking at it and this guy transfered money out of the account he was looking at to another business account he had then to his personal account. Which is very interesting. It was the same dollar amount. Well when we asked the teller about it she said oh well I put it in the wrong account the first time so instead of reversing the first transfer she just transfered out of the wrong account into the new account. So when I told her that she should have reversed the wrong one she was just like sorry I didn't know that I should have done that. Bull CRAP!!! Well after we got done talking I went back to my station and not two minutes later she said hey can you come here for a min. So I said yeah and went back there and she said. Hey you know what just a few minutes ago I don't appreciate the way you talked to me. I felt like you were talking down to me. You told me to tell you when you did this so I am. I said thank you I wasn't trying to do that. So that made me upset because she is just saying that for a power thing.... Oh well it's all good. After I got off work I went to get my dress. Which fit and had a guy almost run me over! GRRR then I went to Chili's with Amanda and 002! We ate Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie yummy!

So that was my week so far. I will have to post again so I can let you know how the wedding goes and everything else. I hope everyone has a great 4th!!!

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